The Conference is a two-day conference where curious minds from all over the world meet to delve further into the promises and pitfalls of digital development and the human and machine relationship. Over two days we explore the complexity of systems. The micro and macro of it all. Societal changes. Niche trends. Human behavior. Art and culture. The future and the past. Stuff like that. The sessions are carefully curated to help you connect the dots between the widespread topics.

We also run a parallel side event program with workshops, food, masterclasses and festivities from which you can customize your own experience.


We invite speakers from all over the world representing a wide range of disciplines. On stage you can expect to find anything from brain scientists and activists to design experts, chefs and artists who will cover topics like AI, sociology and outer space. Think of it like a mix between your favorite arts museum and your best friend’s best thoughts. For reference, have a look in our grand video archive with 300+ recorded talks from previous years.


The Conference goers represent a wide range of industries and expertise but to give you a hint one could describe the crowd as a mix of communicators of all kinds, creatives and executives with a common interest in digital practices and how the world works. There are product developers, architects, publishers, designers, culture workers, corp and public executives, librarians, organizers, creatives and probably a whole lotta more. We ourselves, of course, believe it to be a great mix and a good foundation for interesting conversations with peers and peers-to-be alike.